G1. Delivery of Exhibits

Before Show Commences

Your exhibits should arrive at the Exhibition Hall on 19 May 2024 not earlier or later. Make sure you are at the booth to receive your exhibits. The Organiser will not take responsibility for any loss or damages to unattended goods. Please refer to the Exhibition Operations Schedule.

During Exhibition Days

Delivery of exhibits and other exhibition stocks will not be permitted during the exhibition opening hours. Delivery of stock replenishment may only be carried out one hour before the exhibition opening hours.

G2. Removal of Exhibits

On Show Closure

On Show Closure
Exhibitors are strongly urged to remove valuable and portable exhibits from the exhibition hall as soon as possible after 10:00 pm on the final day of the exhibition.

In order to reduce the possibility of theft, it is strongly recommended that at least one person remains in the booth to oversee the process of moving out of your exhibits.

The Organiser will maintain security surveillance at all times.

Exhibitors are reminded that goods will be most at risk at this time and that booths should not be left unattended until all portable items have been removed and hired items and/or equipment collected by the appropriate suppliers.

The removal of exhibits requiring mechanical assistance as well as the dismantling of stand fittings and electrical will commence on 27 May 2024.


Electricity supply to the booths will be terminated one hour after the exhibition is closed on the final day of the exhibition. Exhibitors who need electricity to turn off or lock their machines must arrange it within this period otherwise they will have pre-connection section charges for electrical supply.

G3. Security

On Show Closure

Security patrols are provided by the Organisers for the total exhibition area. Nevertheless, Exhibitors are advised that they are required to arrange their own insurance coverage and not to leave their booths unattended and take responsibility for the security of their stand display, stand merchandise and personal items during the show.

Please note that rented cabinets have common locks and should NOT be regarded as secure units. Any incidents of theft must be reported to the Organiser immediately as it will be necessary to complete a security form and report the incident to the police.

  1. The Organiser is not responsible for ensuring that an Exhibitor’s property is securely stored or is in the safe custody during the Exhibition (including the move-in and move- out periods). The Organiser will not accept any delivery of any property on behalf of any The Organiser shall not be liable for any losses (including consequential losses), damages, demands, costs, claims, charges or other expenses of any kind suffered or incurred by the Exhibitor or any other person in connection with the Exhibition including, without limitation, any theft, fire, use of the Overnight Storage Service, defect in the Exhibition Centre howsoever caused any cancellation or early closure of, or delay in opening or closing of the Exhibition for whatever reason outside the control of the Organiser or any natural calamity or act of God, howsoever arising.
  2. Exhibitors are responsible for the safety of their own property at all times during the Exhibition (including the moving-in and moving-out periods). Exhibitors should ensure that they have adequate staff cover to monitor their property and booths, especially during the lunchtime
  3. Exhibitors should ensure that all valuable property and exhibits are kept in a locked and secured place at all times including the move-in, move-out and overnight It is the exhibitors’ own responsibility if exhibitors leave their property at the booth unattended overnight. To prevent any loss or damage occurring, exhibitors may hire a security guard(s), if necessary, at their own expense. The Organiser reserves the right to claim any loss incurred in this event.
  4. For any special, high-value exhibits, exhibitors are strongly recommended to install CCTV in their
  5. Exhibitors must issue a document, such as an invoice or receipt, to any third party to whom any of their property is either sold or otherwise handed over during the Exhibition.
  6. If any Exhibitors suspect that any theft, loss or other untoward event has occurred, they must immediately report the incident to the Organiser and the security guards in the Exhibition Hall.

Each Exhibitor is responsible for indemnifying the Organiser and their agents against liability to the owners of the exhibition premises, public authority and each and every other exhibitor in respect of any action, cost, claim and demand of whatever nature consequential to any act or omission of the Exhibitor, his staff or agents.

Exhibitors are advise to apply for their own public liability insurance against injury to persons and property of others on their stand, along with their exhibits and merchandise moving to and from the show and during the show. Each exhibitor should have a valid and adequate insurance cover of no less than RM1 million against public liability. Exhibitors should contact their insurance broker to cover their exhibits and exhibit materials. The Organisers will not be held responsible for any loss of, or damage to, exhibits and personal items. Please also refer to Section 9 (“Insurance”) of the Standard Rules & Regulations in your Space Application Contract.

All stand contractors are advise to apply for their own Contractor’s All Risks insurance in respect of the Individual Stand Contractor’s liability for death or injury to any person, or loss or damage to property arising out of the performance of the Services in a sum not less than RM2 million for any single claim, unlimited in aggregate.

It is advisable that Exhibitors with Raw Space/Special Design stands to check any stand contractors being considered for work have this insurance coverage, before appointing them.

G4. Fire & Emergency Precaution

Please ensure you familiarize yourself with the Fire and Emergency Procedures in the Health & Safety Section in this Manual. Any person, on seeing an outbreak of fire, however slight, must make immediate use of the fire alarm system, and subsequently make every endeavor to extinguish the outbreak or to confine it by the use of extinguishers and/or removal of goods in the vicinity.

G5. Film/Audio Visual Demonstration

No activity which, in the opinion of the Organisers, amounts to a nuisance or annoyance to the visitors or other exhibitors, shall be permitted in the Exhibition, in particular, audio- visual display equipment must be positioned and the sound level adjusted so as not to annoy other exhibitors or visitors. The Organisers reserve the right to require any audio- visual presentation or other equipment which is, in its opinion, detrimental or offensive to be disconnected or discontinued.

G6. Photography/Video-shooting

As per the exhibition rules and regulations, unauthorized /video shooting and sound recording of any booths/displays / demonstrations are not allowed, without the agreement of the exhibitors concerned. The Organiser reserves the right to take further action if required.

G7. Storage & Waste Materials

Arrangements for the safekeeping of storage facilities in the hall for packing cases, surplus materials or other properties of the Exhibitors must be made with the Official Freight Forwarders. For fire & safety regulations prohibit, exhibitors from storing their empty cartons or packing materials behind or between stands.

During the build-up and tear-down periods, passageways in the exhibition hall must not be obstructed with packing materials, construction materials or debris. Contractors are responsible for removing their own debris each day of build-up and tear-down (all structures, empty pallets, empty wooden cases/crates, plastic boxes and exhibit packing.

Contractors will be responsible for their respective rubbish skips. No outside or external rubbish skips are allowed in the Venue, kindly contact the venue owner for more information on the cost. The Organiser reserves the right to Exhibitors for the cost of removal of excessive packing materials and discarded crates or cartons.

G8. Damages

Exhibitors are responsible for the cost of making good or replacing any damages or dilapidations to the exhibition premises, whether caused by themselves, their agents, contractors or by any person or persons employed or engaged on their behalf by such agents or contractors. Exhibitors occupying Shell Scheme booths are also responsible for the cost of making good, restoring or renewing any damages or dilapidation to their Shell Scheme Booths structures, floor covering, light fittings, and/or any part thereof, whether caused by themselves or their agents, contractors or by any persons employed or engaged on their behalf by such agents or contractors. The cost of making good any damages will be assessed by the Official Contractor and charged to the Exhibitor. The Organiser, together with the hall owners, will inspect the hall before and after the exhibition.

G9. Force Majeure

In the event the exhibition is postponed, shortened or extended due to any cause whatsoever outside/beyond the control of the Organiser, the Organiser shall not be held responsible for any losses incurred by the Exhibitors, directly or indirectly, attributable to the elements of nature, force majeure or orders and directives imposed by any government authority. Under such circumstances, the money paid by the Exhibitors, or any part thereof, is refundable at the sole discretion of the Organisers.

The Organiser shall be responsible for and be entitled to act as the owner of the premises throughout the tenancy period. The decision of the Organiser in any problem or dispute will be final.

G10. Intellectual Property Rights

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights at the Fair

The Organiser shall have the right to require exhibitors to remove exhibits which allegedly violate intellectual property rights. Any exhibitor found guilty of infringement of intellectual property rights shall be banned from participating in all future Fairs organised by Malaysia Automotive Robotics and IoT Institute (MARII).

The Organisers have a procedure in place at Exhibitions organised by the Organisers in Malaysia (“Exhibitions”) to address complaints that products on display at the Exhibitions infringe someone else’s intellectual property rights. The procedure is aimed at assisting individual exhibitors to protect their intellectual property rights and to respect the intellectual property rights of others.

In this respect, all exhibitors are required to strictly comply with the procedure set out below and the Standard Rules & Regulations regarding the protection of intellectual property rights. In particular, the following provisions in Clause 5 of the Standard Rules & Regulations:

“The Exhibitor shall not exhibit at the Exhibition any counterfeit goods or any goods which infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights (“Infringing Goods”) or any goods which are prohibited or restricted by local laws or regulations (“Prohibited Goods”) or any goods which in their manufacture or production fail to comply with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Life Flora and Fauna (“CITES”) or any other international standards, regulations and legislation in respect of ethical slaughtering and conservation of endangered species, including without limitation standards issued by the World Conservation Union (“ICUN”) (“Unethical Goods”). The Organisers shall have the right, without recourse, to physically remove any goods which it or any Malaysia court or relevant authority deems to be Infringing Goods, Prohibited Goods or Unethical Goods, to cancel the Exhibitor’s right of participation and/or to close down the Exhibitor’s exhibition stand and in any such event, the Exhibitor shall have nonfinancial or other claims against the Organisers.

The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Organisers on demand against all claims, liabilities, losses, suits, proceedings, damages, judgments, expenses, costs (including legal fees) and charges of any kind howsoever incurred by or on behalf of or made against the Organisers arising out of the Exhibition of any Infringing Goods or Prohibited Goods or Unethical Goods by the Exhibitor, or acts by third parties as a consequent thereof.”

The rules and regulations set out in this brief are supplementary regulations in addition to the Terms & Conditions of the Standard Rules & Regulations and form part of the Exhibition Contract signed by exhibitors with the Organisers.

Outline Procedure

1.If you would like to make a complaint involving an alleged infringement of your intellectual property rights, your complaint should be referred to the

2.If you receive a complaint at your stand, you should refer the complainant to the Organiser’.

3.Complainants must, at the time of filing their complaints with the Organiser, provide the following documentary evidence to substantiate their claims:

a) Trade Mark

Original or certified copy of a valid Certificate of Registration of Trade Mark that is enforceable in a Malaysia Court, including any renewal certificates or proof of renewal.

b) Registered Design
Original or certified copy of a valid Certificate of Registration of Design that is enforceable in a Malaysia Court, including any renewal certificates or proof of renewal.

c) Patent
Original or certified copy of a valid Certificate of Grant of Patent that is enforceable in a Malaysia Court, including any renewal certificates or proof of renewal together with a written opinion from the complainant’s Malaysia patent agent or legal advisor that the Malaysia patent is valid and infringed by the display of the Exhibitor’s product or material in dispute during the Exhibitions.

d) A Court Order issued by a Malaysia Court against the Infringing

e) An authorization letter or power of attorney from the right owner if the complaint is filed by an agent on behalf of the intellectual property rights

In addition, the Complainant must submit a completed “Complaint Form” setting out the details of the complaint including the Exhibitor’s name, stand number, date, complainant’s name, a brief description of the nature of the complaint and a description of the product(s), photograph(s) or product catalogue of the product(s) the subject of the complaint.

4.If the Organisers are satisfied, on the basis of the documents provided, that the complainant’s intellectual property rights are valid and the Exhibitor has a case to answer, the Organisers will notify the Exhibitor involved of the claim and require the

Exhibitors are to remove the exhibits or any material in question immediately from their booth and for the remainder of the Exhibitions unless the Exhibitor can provide evidence to the satisfaction of the Organisers that he/she has the right to display the product or material in question. It should be noted that such procedure is purely an administrative procedure undertaken by the Organisers to assist the Complainant and the Exhibitor to resolve their dispute during the Exhibitions. It is not to be construed as any indication that the Exhibitor has infringed the intellectual property rights of the Complainant. The Complainant and the Exhibitor must seek independent legal advice and an appropriate order from the Malaysia Court if such an indication is required

5.If a Complainant produces an Order from the Malaysia Court in respect of the product or material in dispute, the Organisers will require the Exhibitor to remove the product or material in question immediately from their stand and for the remainder of the Exhibitions, unless the Exhibitor can provide evidence to the satisfaction of the Organisers that the goods in question do not fall within the terms of the Order or that he/she has the right to display the product or material in question, notwithstanding the terms of the Order

6.If the Exhibitor refuses to cooperate with the Organisers in completing the procedures outlined in paragraphs 4 and 5 above, the Organisers shall have the power, at their sole and absolute discretion, to immediately terminate the Exhibitor’s right to participate in the Exhibitions in question without any refund of the participation fee already paid by the Exhibitor and to ban the Exhibitor or any parent, associate, affiliated and/or subsidiary company from any and/or all future Exhibitions of the Organisers.

7.It is expressly understood and agreed by all Complainants and Exhibitors that the Organisers, their servants and agents are not in any way liable for any intellectual property infringement during Exhibitions. While the Organisers will take reasonable steps to require Exhibitors to respect the Complainant’s intellectual property rights, the Organisers cannot view whether an infringement has Complainants and Exhibitors must seek their own independent legal advice and an appropriate order from the Malaysia Court if their dispute cannot be resolved under the Organiser’s complaint’s procedures.

8.Complainants agree and irrevocably undertake to indemnify the Organisers on demand against any or all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, costs (including legal fees) and expenses of any nature whatsoever incurred or suffered as a result of or howsoever arising out of the complaints filed by Complainants

The Organisers expressly reserve their right to amend the rules and regulations set out in the brief from time to time.

G11. Emergency Procedures

Fire Emergency

If you detect fire or smoke:

  1. Activate the nearest fire alarm if possible and safe to do
  2. Leave the fire area immediately by the nearest exit (emergency exits are marked in green); do not use
  3. Close doors behind
  4. Leave the building by the nearest exit (emergency exits are marked green); do not use

If you hear a fire alarm, remain alert and prepare to leave the building upon hearing a fire alarm, possible announcements over the public-address system, or receiving instructions from staff. Continue as normal should the fire alarm be discontinued.

If you hear a fire alarm evacuation announcement or instruction, leave the building via the nearest exit (emergency exits are marked in green); do not use lifts. If you encounter smoke in the stairway, use alternative exits where available. Do not attempt to remove vehicles from the parking garage or loading docks.

Follow announcements over the public-address system or instructions by Venue staff and/or fire/police officials. Once outside the building, stay clear of the building and do not return until declared safe to do so by fire/police officials.

G12. Extension of Build Up Time

The build-up hours and dates are as per stipulated in Page 8 of the exhibitor manual. Should there be any requests to extend the build-up time, kindly contact the relevant person in charge for each hall to check for the availability. The extension of the operating hours of the hall(s) during move in are subject to approval of the Organizer and the Venue Owner.

10:00pm – 12:00am
10:00pm. – 3:00am
10:00pm – 9:00am